Colin F. Barnes – Code Breakers: Prequel Review


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Length:  70 Pages

Apex Cypher is the prequel to the series The Techxorcist and this is where Colin F. Barnes is at his best. Technology mixed with science fiction and of course placed in a post apocalyptic world. The back story is laid out in a world where only the privileged live under a dome ‘protected’ from the world they believe is barren after nukes have done their damage. Gabe and Petal travel the land in search of food and fight for their survival. The technology created by Colin F. Barnes is as always fascinating and very inventive. While this book is short it does what it sets out to do, it gives you the back story for Gabe and Petal. Who they are, what they are about and how the series kicks off in the first book called Artificial Evil. If you are a fan of his work and have not jumped on board with this series I highly suggest you do so. If you love technology, science fiction and post apocalyptic stories than again get aboard and enjoy the ride.

Rating 4/5


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