Robert Pobi – Do No Harm Review

Genre: Crime Thriller Length: 429 Pages Publisher: Minotaur Books Release date: August 9, 2022 Synopsis: In Robert Pobi’s thriller Do No Harm, a series of suicides and accidental deaths in the medical community are actually well-disguised murders and only Lucas Page can see the pattern and discern the truth that no one else believes. Lucas Page … More Robert Pobi – Do No Harm Review


Brian De Palma and Susan Lehman – Are Snakes Necessary? Review

Genre: Crime Thriller Length: 224 Pages Publisher: Hard Case Crime Release date: March 17, 2020 Synopsis: When the beautiful young videographer offered to join his campaign, Senator Lee Rogers should’ve known better. But saying no would have taken a stronger man than Rogers, with his ailing wife and his robust libido. Enter Barton Brock, the … More Brian De Palma and Susan Lehman – Are Snakes Necessary? Review

Alma Katsu – The Deep Review

Genre: Mystery Length: 432 Pages Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Release date: March 10, 2020 Synopsis: Someone, or something, is haunting the ship. Between mysterious disappearances and sudden deaths, the guests of the Titanic have found themselves suspended in an eerie, unsettling twilight zone from the moment they set sail. Several of them, including maid Annie Hebley, guest … More Alma Katsu – The Deep Review

Joe Hart – Something Came Through Review

Genre: Horror Length: 223 Pages Publisher: Black Spine Books Release date: October 29, 2019 Synopsis: Fear is a place, and to get there it’s as easy as looking in the mirror. Wall Street Journal bestselling author Joe Hart returns to the horror arena with his second collection of twisted and unsettling tales featuring monstrosities of … More Joe Hart – Something Came Through Review