About The Scary Reviews

Welcome to The Scary Reviews! I started this site because I’ve always been a huge horror fan and I wanted to have a place to post my favorite horror book reviews.  I’ve been a horror fan since Friday the 13th and Halloween hit the screen’s. I saw them both and was far too young for these movies but I loved them and I’ve loved horror movies ever since.  The first horror book I read was a book with a monkey on the front holding cymbals, this turned out to be Skeleton Crew by Stephen King.  Since that day I’ve read every King book and now read a wide variety of horror, dark fiction and post apocalyptic books. I’ve really grown to love Apocalyptic fiction which I think is now my favorite genre and I find it fascinating the various ways a writer will “end” the world.

Before discovering the world of horror my first love was Fantasy books.  When I was a kid I found this great book The Hobbit and then I read The Lord of the Rings and was hooked.  As a kid who love the RPG world it felt like I was home and I read many other fantasy books, the titles and authors I’ve long since forgot.  I really also enjoy sci-fi books especially when it has some horror and thriller elements mixed in.  The other worlds and technology are a real draw for me and I’m kinda a technology nut so I love to see what may be reality someday.  I usually like to give a book 20-50 pages (depending on the books length) before deciding if it’s worth finishing. If it hasn’t grabbed me by then it probably won’t, but I’ve been wrong before and probably will again.  Thank you for following and/or visiting.


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