Spotlighting Women in Horror


As The Scary Reviews starts its second year I have decided to add a new page entitled ‘Spotlighting Women in Horror’.  Over the past few years I have read hundreds of books and short stories, many of them by women writers.  I have interviewed almost a dozen writers and have made many friends in the field, and connected with dozens of women writers, mostly in the Dark Fiction or Horror genre but not exclusively.  I have learned a great deal about the writing process and talked with many female authors who have concerns about their work being accepted in this genre, one that is typically thought of as being written by men only.  I find that the work from women is equally terrifying as from men.  I really look forward to reading women authors and I love seeing how their minds are just as twisted as any males writer’s.  While I don’t want this to become a discussion of ‘men vs. women’ in the world of writing, I do want to take notice of their great work.  This is why I have decided to dedicate a page on my blog to women authors in the Dark Fiction/Horror genre.  I will feature female authors who I have read or will be reading this year.  I will post reviews along with links to interviews and discussions with women authors.  I hope the followers here will discover a new author or two and enjoy the new content added to The Scary Reviews this upcoming year.

There was a lot of interest in Women in Horror while I was looking for authors to feature, and I’m proud of and excited about the line up I am presenting.  I have writers ranging from dark fiction to psychological horror to old-fashioned guts and gore, authors early in their career and those who have a long list of books to their credit.  All of them have the same goal:  to share with us what escapes from the dark corners of their minds, and to terrify us.  The following is the list of authors The Scary Reviews will be featuring each month during the following year.  Included will be authors I have read and really love and many that are new to me and have had my eye on.  As each author’s work is read and reviewed hover over the ‘Spotlighting Women in Horror’ tab to display the list of authors.  Each author’s work will not only be reviewed, but there will be interviews or discussions with many.

Look for new content monthly, the schedule is listed below, as a new author is spotlighted throughout the year.  I hope followers of this blog will be as excited as I am with these writers, Women of Horror, who bring their ‘A Game’ and hold nothing back.  Authors who make us scared of the dark and the shadows in the dark room at night, writers who reach deep down inside us and make us gasp, grip our stomachs and rip the floor out from beneath us.  Women who take us on a horror train ride only meant for the true horror fan and leave us wanting more.

Aliya Whiteley – The Beauty

Amie Irene Winters – The Nightmare Birds

Bekki Pate – The Willow Tree

Carol Davis – Dead in the Water

Christie Stratos – Anatomy of a Darkened Heart

DM Cain – The Phoenix Project

Dona Fox – Dark Tales from the Den

Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi – Poetry

Fawn Bonning – Thing Bailiwick

Jolene Haley – Harrowed

LE Fitzpatrick – Save Haven & The Running Game

Lori R. Lopez – Odds and Ends

Rebecca Jones-Howe – Vile Men

Rose Blackthorn – Thorns, Hearts and Thistles

Sarah Dalton – My Daylight Monsters & Mary Hades

Suzi Albracht – The Devil’s Lieutenant

The Lineup – 20 Provocative Women Writers

Women in Horror Interviews

February 17th~

* Amie Irene Winters – The Nightmare Birds

March 7th~

* The Lineup: 20 Provocative Women Writers

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