Eddie J. Morales – Dreaded Tales Review

Genre: Horror
Length: 261 Pages
Release date: August 24, 2019
Synopsis: Dreaded Tales contains 13 short horror stories personalized for the ultimate horror fan. In this collection, you will find everything from zombies, creatures, psycho killers, ghosts, to ghouls and a seductive vampire. Also included is an excerpt of Mad Loving, a short horror story to be included in Dreaded Tales 2 – Another Short Horror Story Collection coming in 2020.

This collection includes the following short stories.

Virus of the Hunched Monkey – A scientific lab experiment becomes deadly.
Fear of Funeral Plans – Planning a funeral can be detrimental to your mental health.
This Lady is a Bug – A hybrid creature seeks revenge.
Haunted Cabin in the Cemetery – Jordan encounters a cabin’s ghostly past.
Hicksville’s Zombiefest – Father and son are caught in the middle of a plague.
Makings of a Shopaholic Killer – Linda is not your typical neighborhood mom.
A Ghost in the House – Unusual hauntings surrounds a teenager and his mother.
Revenge of Sorceress – The town of Willows Creek faces an unexpected outcome.
Zombie Outbreak on the East Coast – A zombie virus threatens humanity on the east coast of the United States.
The House of Death – An abandoned Victorian home with a disturbing history may not be the safest place to seek shelter.
The Bite of a Female Vampire – Men cannot resist her striking sexy appeal.
The Last Camping Trip – A psychotic killer turns a holiday weekend getaway into a nightmare.
The Wedding Dead – For this bride and groom, keeping their guests happy turns out to be the least of their worries.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

There are some fun stories in this collection, many with reoccurring characters and settings. Also, Dreaded Tales is filled with Zombies, which I love, and an assortment of other monsters. The stories give a bit of a scare while poking fun at the situation the characters have found themselves in. Eddie Morales has quite a sense of humor while writing his tales of horror. One of my early favorites in this book is the story Fear of Funeral Plans. This story had a great mix of horror, some real some imagined. Eddie Morales wrote a character I really liked. In this case, a horror story can have a happy ending!

Dreaded Tales also has a few stories that are connected where secret lab experiments go wrong. This was a treat to find because of my never-ending curiosity about what happens after the story comes to an end. It’s a bonus and I got to see a little more of the world Eddie Morales created. And the continuation of this story was great. The secret work done in the lab continues to have very adverse effects. Connected or continuing stories in collections are one of my favorites. This Lady is a Bug is also a very good short, something out of a horror movie. A woman is attacked by a mutant ladybug and all hell breaks loose. As you can imagine things don’t go well for anyone she finds. I’ve only touched on a few stories, but there are many other shorts here to enjoy.

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Eddie J. Morales, biography-

Eddie J. Morales currently resides in Florida. He was born in Puerto Rico, U.S.A. and moved to New Jersey at the age of ten, where he lived most of his life. His passion for writing started back in high school when he wrote his first short horror story, “The House of Death” for English class. The revised and expanded story is included in his book, “Dreaded Tales – A Short Horror Story Collection.” Eddie has an English Creative Writing degree and a Master of Health Administration.


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