The Scary Reviews

Reviews of Horror, Post Apocalyptic Fiction, Dark Fiction, Thrillers and Science Fiction

Author Interviews

Amie Irene Winters – Interview

Anne Allen – Interview

Bekki Pate – Interview

Brian Kirk – Interview

C.A. Verstraete – Interview

Christian Saunders – Interview

Christie Stratos – Interview

Colin Barnes – Interview

D.M. Cain – Interview

Darren Wearmouth – Interview

Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi – Interview

George Eccles – Interview

Hildred Rex – Interview

Hunter Shea – Interview

Jason Parent – Interview

Jessica Ward – Interview

J.G. Clay – Interview

Joe Hart – Interview

John F.D. Taff – Interview

Kealan Patrick Burke – Interview

K.R. Rowe – Interview

Kym Darkly – Interview

LE Fitzpatrick – Interview

Leo Robertson – Interview

Lori R. Lopez – Interview

Matt Manochio – Interview

Michelle Diana Lowe – Interview

Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason – Interview

Phillip Tomasso – Interview

Rebecca Jones-Howe – Interview

Richard Thomas – Interview

Robert Stava – Interview

Rose Blackthorn – Interview

Russel James – Interview

Sarah Dalton – Interview

Sheldon Woodbury – Interview

Stewart Bint – Interview

Suzi Albracht – Interview

T.s. Woolard – Interview

Todd Morr – Interview

Ty Arthur – Interview


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