Michael J. Elliott – Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater was a difficult read for me. Firstly because of the way Delores spoke. I understand she was given a specific dialect, but I didn’t find it made the dialog easy to read. As for Peter, he is a poor emasculated husband with an overly obnoxious wife. He didn’t have enough personality for me to care about the way his wife Delores treated him. Anything Peter loved, like his love for cooking was met with disdain from his wife. In the end Peter managed to find an excellent job, and as for Delores, she got what was coming her way. Overall the story is an okay read but I thought it had a foreseeable ending which detracted from my enjoyment of the story. I typically really enjoy the writing from this author, but this one didn’t do it for me.

Book Info

Length: 46 Pages

Release date: December 23, 2017

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Peter Gord is a simple man with simple tastes. He loves cooking and baking, window shopping for bakeware and kitchen appliances and checking out the latest cookbooks.
Unemployed Peter enjoys these things in between doing the housework.
And Peter’s greatest pleasure is fantasizing about murdering his wife Delores.
Brash, overbearing Delores, takes every opportunity to belittle Peter.
In his mind, Peter gets his revenge by slashing her throat or baking ground glass into her cookies.
When Peter finally gets a job with a local charity helping the poor and homeless, his fantasies become darker and more brutal.
Of course he wouldn’t really act on them..Would he?

Michael J Elliott, biography

Michael J Elliott lives in Victoria, Australia and grew up with a vivid imagination. At Primary school his Headmistress proudly called him “A second Alfred Hitchcock”. Michael continued his love of the creative arts where he was praised for his performances in school productions such as Oliver. He achieved an A+ for his scriptwriting and directing in his Year 12 Media Studies class. Michael then went on to study Media for two years at Melbourne State College. He also joined a local amateur performing and social group who regularly performed free shows for senior citizens club and his comedy sketches were highly praised. Michael’s writing highlight thus far was to write a comedy sketch for a television special which starred his brother, one of Australia’s most widely respected comedians. Michael currently writes and operates a blog, The Writers Emporium, in which he promotes works by other indie authors for free in order to help with their promotion efforts. Michael is a fan of sci-fi, British comedy, fantasy and golden age Hollywood movies and is a fan of online game Wizard 101 which he says, nurtures his fantasies to be an adult Harry Potter. Michael is the author of short stories, Dinner For Two and Mr Westacott’s Christmas which are included in his collection of short horror stories, Portraits of Dread. He has also written the horror novella, Sharpshooter. His other two shorts, Black Silk Panties (An erotic horror story) and How does your garden grow? are now available and are part of his newest collection, Choice Cuts-A Bite From The Dark Realm. Released on Halloween 2016.


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