The End is Nigh (Apocalypse Triptych Book 1) Review


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Length:  350 Pages

This idea of an anthology of end of the world stories was what peaked my interest, I had to read this book. The idea of three books, one with stories of before the apocalypse, the second occurring during the apocalypse and the last taking place post-apocalypse is something I don’t think I have ever seen tried. Most of the authors in this collection are not familiar to me and I read a lot of horror, apocalypse stories and quite a bit of science fiction. I found many of these stories to be fantastic. The really great stories didn’t just come from some of the more recognizable authors, they also were written by many names I have not read before.
Heaven is a Place on Planet X by Desirina Boskivich is a story about people who believe they will be going to a better world. Little do they know what awaits them. The Gods Will Not Be Chained by Ken Liu was fantastic and I was immediately wishing the next two parts were available to read. This story will really appeal to people who love the future of the internet and the idea of singularity. Wedding Day by Jake Kerr is more traditional in the world of the apocalypse, an asteroid is coming for the united states but the he way they plan to escape the impact is something out of the twilight zone, which is to say GREAT! for those who are familiar with the ‘feel’ of Mr. Rod Serling. Removal Order by Tananarive Due is great and sad, and System Reset by Tobias Buckell is a great tech apocalypse story and is also on my list of great stories written for our enjoyment.
BRING HER TO ME by Ben Winters is a great tale of those who follow and those who chose to challenge the status quo. By far one of the best in the book is by Hugh Howey himself, it is set in the not to distant future and reads fast and furious. I HAVE to see where he takes this in the next to books, his future has definitely gone awry. Goodnight Moon is a fantastic science fiction story, Dancing with Death in the Land of Nod scared me and is not the typical virus that kills most everyone. Enjoy the moment by Jack McDevitt is another great story in the science fiction style end of world apocalypse.
The story Spores by Seanan McGuire is one of the more terrifying stories about a virus, I can not say more without spoiling the story. Trust me you will love this one. There is many great stories for all who love the end of the world and wonder which way it will end. I would and have recommended this book.

Rating 5/5


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