Joseph Pinto – Memorial Review

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Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

The short story Memorial is about Nicholas, his brother Anthony and his wife Catarina and the love triangle that ties them all.  Anthony is rich beyond words and has anything he desires including his beautiful wife Catarina, but sadly for her she is just another possession to Anthony.  Nicholas who unlike his brother doesn’t have all the riches but understands the true worth of life and was head over heels in love with Catarina all the while desiring her from afar.  Nicholas and Catarina had a special bond that Anthony always knew was there and now he will use his brothers love for his wife for his own needs.  Anthony hires his brother to sculpt a memorial to his late wife, another ‘thing‘ for him to own and to taunt Nicholas with, even the sculpture will not be his.  Nicholas struggles with his task of making the memorial of Catarina not only mentally but physically with his deformed hand, a hand that received the brunt of his anguish of a love that could never be.  Nicholas is now left to complete this memorial for his brother, a job he wants no part of and is less than capable to complete.  Memorial is a well crafted and quick-moving story that is emotionally charged and tugs at your heart.  With well threaded elements of horror that find their way in to your mind, this is no ordinary love story.  Joseph Pintos writing hits you in the soft spot of your heart and while it’s a very short tale it’s also a very fine piece of writing and is a story I can easily recommend.

Rating 4.5/5

Book Info

Length:  20 Pages

Publisher:  Tale Weaver Enterprises

Release date:  June 1, 2015

Nicholas is a sculptor, renowned throughout the land.

But now he suffers from a ruined hand; worse yet, a fractured soul.

When his brother hires his talents for a final time, however, Nicholas suddenly finds himself at a crossroads: sculpt the only love he has ever known – his own brother’s wife.

Or carve a memorial for her heart…

Joe pinto

Joseph Pinto, biography

Joseph A. Pinto is the horror author of two published books including the poignant novella Dusk and Summer as well numerous short stories; his most recent works can be found in Midnight Echo magazine and Sirens Call Publications. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association as well the co-founder of Pen of the Damned, a collective of angst and horror driven writers. Indulge in his unique voice on his personal blog JosephPinto. com and Join his pancreatic cancer advocacy efforts at ‘Purple Hope’ ( You can follow him on Twitter @JosephAPinto. Joseph hails from New Jersey where he lives with his wife and young daughter.


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