Critical Dawn (The Critical Series Book 1) Review


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Length:  372 Pages

This is the third book I have read by Colin F. Barnes, the and it is another truly fantastic book. Critical Dawn grabs you from the beginning with the story nicely woven into a real life mystery (the mystery of the missing colony of Roanoke island). The main character Charlie and his colleagues discover a mysterious item at an archaeologist dig. Something that could not possibly be from the time period. Then Colin and Darren set up the other side of the story with a small crew in a spacecraft. They are in charge of getting everyone aboard to their destination, a new planet to colonize. The story continues to bounce back and forth until the stories merge. I love how the two-story lines converge and the point in which I had that ‘ah ha’ moment. The convergence was so seamless and once I could see the whole picture I was fully hooked. Again, as with previous books by Colin F. Barnes, I had a very difficult time putting this one down.
The character development is very well done with good back story, a well-defined set of survivors and the people who have betrayed their fellow mankind. The aliens were fascinating and why they were on earth is eerie. Each character is very believable, from their viewpoint, to reactions and actions. The fight scene with the alien sent to kill the resistance is suspenseful and a real page turner, leaving me hoping the characters would live. The technology Colin and Darren invent for this story is excellent and creative. He writes a swift moving story with characters I am instantly attached too and wanted to know more about. I always look forward to the next book released and can give a solid recommendation to anyone I know. Critical Dawn and many other book are absolutely worth the time to read.
If you are a fan or a first time reader of Colin F. Barnes or Darren Waremouth then you will find this an excellent book, a must read. The author has a real grasp of how to paint a post apocalyptic world and make you feel like you are in the story. If you love apocalyptic or technology type stories then this is an author you must read. The author is a real favorite of mine and I can’t wait until the next book he releases. I will now have to add Darren to my list of authors to read and look up his works.

Rating 5/5


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