J.G Clay – Tales of Blood and Sulphur Review


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Length:  238 Pages

Tales of blood and sulphur is a great collection of stories. In the story Legally Dead we learn how the church treats those less fortunate, those alone and without family. In This fear of Gods shows us how insignificant we really are. The Writer’s Friend is a vividly creepy tale and made me shiver. I had to shake my head and get back to reality before continuing on. In Lucifer Loves the Clash we are entertained by JG’s view of the devil and one mans time spent with him. This is a very good story and highly entertaining. Last but certainly not least is God Bless George A. Romero it’s a great short zombie tale of one mans last days. Every good collection needs a zombie story and I loved this one. Each story I found better than the last, leaving me eagerly waiting JG Clay’s next book.

Rating 4/5


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