Kit Tinsley – Dark County Review


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Length:  207 Pages

Dark County by Kit Tinsley is a great collection of dark stories. The opening story ‘A Drive in the Country’ and ‘The Crows’ are something straight out of a horror movie. They had me on the edge of my seat with the suspense and vivid descriptions, I found these to be the creepiest stories in this book. The House by the Marsh is an excellent supernatural story with a twist for an ending, this is a tale of young children and a creepy old house. Fear and loathing in Skeg Vegas will leave you thinking be careful what you wish for. Fear thy neighbor is very short, but also very good. This story reminded me of the kind of tale told in any Twilight Zone episode. The kind of story that doesn’t reveal itself until the very end. Kit Tinsley has a great way with words that really makes you feel the horror and terror as each story is told. What Grows in the Far Field gives me the feeling of chest grabbing terror, each tale in this collection is just better than the last. The final story is a ghost story, which I always love in a horror book. Kit Tinsley tells a fine one at that, a group of teens gather around the fire and hear one heck of a ghost story from an old man. I love the story telling style and quick pace of these stories. You are pulled through each story, turning pages as fast as you can. I sincerely hope there will be a second volume of tales from Dark County.

Rating 5/5


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