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Length:  186 Pages

In Shadows Waiting is another enjoyable read by Stewart Bint. I recently read Timeshaft and enjoyed it so much I didn’t hesitate to pick this book up as soon as it was released. The story has a nice build of tension with a good amount of scare factor, especially if a dark shadow outside your window makes you jump. The pace of the book is good with no dull or ‘slow’ places to let you lose your focus. The characters are quite enjoyable, for me I really like to flavor Stewart has put in to this book. There are many words or phrases that tell you immediately that the author is British and I find this really adds to the story as it is set in England. The story provides you with plenty of fun, tension, and worry for the characters (and a bit of sadness). Overall another fine book by Stewart Bint. I won’t spend my time with a summary of the book, the one provided is good enough.

Rating 4/5