Colin F. Barnes – Code Breakers: Alpha Review


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Length:  264 Pages

The adventure continues here in Artificial Evil a bit in the future from where we left Gabe and Petal in Apex Cypher. Action, adventure and great technology continues with our characters. With many twists, close calls and a few well deserved deaths. Gerry continues his search for the cause of the evil AI and why ‘The Family’ has left so many people on their own outside of City Earth and the safety of the dome. Colin F. Barnes is excellent with the level to which he understands and creates all the computer related viruses, AI and technology. After Gabe and Petal rescue Gerry from the city and his emanate death from the very computer program he has created and is in charge of maintaining, they slowly get Gerry up to speed on his many computer hacking talents. The world is greatly expanded with many more evils to fight and many more questions to answer. Gerry finds that sometimes questions are better not answered. Some answers have consequences and he finds himself with only more to discover about his past and ‘The Family’ he believes has protected him and a portion of society. Colin F. Barnes really sets the story on fire with this first installment in the series and opens up and entirely wider world as Artificial Evil comes to a close. You’ll be left needing to read the third book (Assembly Code) immediately after you finish the last page. Fantastic story sums it up. Get reading!

Rating 5/5


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