The Devil and the Deep Review

Review copy provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

The stories in The Devil and the Deep all had a common thread and I thought the concept was an interesting and original idea. The theme was stories centered around monsters tied to the ocean, or water in general. The first story, Deadwater, was ok and I liked the plot, but it didn’t feel original because of the similarity to The Colorado Kid. The second story, Fodders Jig was a creepy ass story. I loved creature, the virus, and the twist at the end, but as with Deadwater it was similar to another story I’ve read, and the characters fell short.

Then came, The Curious Allure of the Sea. It was interesting, original, and one of the better in the book. The story was built around a mysterious stone on a necklace with a strange carving. I was pleased to finally read a story with a character I could care for. Sister, dearest Sister, let me show you the Sea, had tangible tension. The tightness I felt in my chest as one sister tortured the other was overwhelming, and heartbreaking.

Broken record by Stephen Graham Jones was a gem of a story, and one of my favorites. A man is lost on a deserted island and the poor guy is delirious as he fights to survive, not only physically but mentally. Shit happens by Michael Marshall Smith was an exceptional story and I was digging what the author was writing. Most of the story takes place in a bathroom on The Queen Mary. I loved the tight confined atmosphere that author created. As much as I loved the stories I’ve covered, there were so many stories that left me unsatisfied and it’s hard to recommend this book. Unfortunately, as with many anthologies, it’s a game of chance and I didn’t win often enough with The Devil and the Deep.

Book Info

Length: 336 Pages

Publisher: Night Shade Books

Release date: March 20, 2018

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It’s only water, so why should we fear large bodies of it, such as the sea or the ocean? However, when you’re all alone, you realize how scary a place it can be.

In Devil and the Deep, award-winning editor Ellen Datlow shares an original anthology of horror that covers the depths of the deep blue sea. Whether its tales of murderous pirates who stalk the waters in search of treasure and blood, creatures that haunt the depths below―ones we’ve only seen in our nightmares, or storms that can swallow you whole, the open water can be a dangerous and terrifying place.

With new stories from New York Times-bestsellers and award-winning authors such as Seanan McGuire, Christopher Golden, Stephen Graham Jones, and more, Devil and the Deep guarantees you’ll think twice before going back into the water.


6 thoughts on “The Devil and the Deep Review

  1. Great review, David! I have an ARC of this one, too, and will hopefully be checking it out soon. Hopefully it works a bit better for me, but we’ll see. That’s always the risk with anthologies.

    Is there a Tim Curran story in this one? Seems like there should be. 🙂

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