Mark Matthews – MILK-BLOOD Review


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Length:  159 Pages

I have come to expect the unexpected by Mark Matthews and again that is what I received with MILK BLOOD. From witty humor in Wicked Smart Carnie to the all-out terror in On the Lips of Children, Mark Matthews has a great range of writing ability. MILK BLOOD hit me right between the eyes, it was intense and heavy with the well described scenes of the life of drug addicts. Not only is the story about a life with drugs, it’s about living and growing up in the worst corner of the city. The struggle of living there goes on even if drugs were not involved. It’s not hard to believe this is a true story and I can imagine this story happening in any large city. I was immersed in the story and could SEE the horrible neighborhood Lilly and her family lived, the rundown and burned out houses on her street. With such vividly described scenes Mark Matthews pulled me in and placed me in the story, I felt like I was standing on the street watching everything unfold. As I said the unexpected is what I expect and it’s what I received, I didn’t expect the story to affect me as much as it did, it really makes you think and wonder. It made me glad for being fortunate enough to not grow up in a corner of town as described in this book. Thanks for another great story and I look forward the next story by Mark Matthews.

Rating 5/5


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