Darren Wearmouth – First Activation Review


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Length:  267 Pages

After reading Critical Dawn by Darren Wearmouth and Colin F. Barnes I had discovered a new author to read and was pleased with what I found. Darren did a great job making me feel the tension the characters felt during the opening scene on the plane and during many other tense action pack moments. I too get that feeling in my stomach when a flight isn’t perfectly smooth. After what isn’t an ideal flight, our main characters (Harry and Jack) land in NYC, and to their horror they find death and destruction everywhere. They have no idea what has happened and soon find they are part of a small group which will go in search of answers. Darren has written a great apocalyptic style action adventure, filled with suspense and some well described violence.

The story is fast paced and a quick read and I found myself quickly becoming attached to the characters, some of whom don’t live long. I was on the edge of my seat during many of the suspenseful scenes where Jack and Harry come in contact with others who have survived this tragic mystery. The who, why and where are revealed in a slow fashion leaving more questions than answers. I love when a mystery isn’t too easy to figure out and First Activation didn’t disappoint. I fully enjoyed the adventure of Jack and Harry as they try to find out what is going on and make their way through the city to find a place of relative safety.

Darrren did a wonderful job with his descriptions and locations during the characters travels, including factual locations and realistic time frames as they travel from one place to the next. First Activation ends with a great set-up for the sequel, which I immediately wished I had in my hands after I read the last chapter. I will be eagerly waiting for the next book in the series and can’t wait to see what Darren has in store for Jack and Harry. First Activation is definitely worth a read as is his other post apocalyptic book Critical Dawn which he co-authored with Colin F. Barnes.

Rating 4/5


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