Joe Hart – Widow Town Review


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Length:  236 Pages

I was given an ARC of Widow Town in exchange for an honest review.  Widow Town is a story set in the future where a vaccine is given to prevent people from becoming serial killers.  Sheriff Gray must find out why people are disappearing and turning up dead.  Everyone thinks murderer has been prevented by the vaccinations as murder hasn’t happened in forty years.  Everyone is so sure that there is another explanation for the disappearances that Sheriff Gray gets little to no help in solving the crimes.  Widow Town is another superb story from Joe Hart.  Having read all his books, with exception of The River is Dark, this may be his best yet.
The characters are very well-developed and Sheriff Gray is great, he is as real as a character can be in a book.  The mystery of who is behind the killings and why unfolds nicely as the story progresses.  I love a good mystery and found this one to be excellent.  There were plenty of times I thought I knew the answers to the clues Sheriff Gray was given only to be surprised. At the same time I couldn’t figure out the how and why in many instances and had to wait til the end.  This book was hard to put down, the story moves at a great place and I had to know what came next at every instance.
The reveal of the who and why behind the killings is quite surprising and shocking.  Joe Hart does an excellent job in writing the evil into his characters and I shuttered at some of the scenes.  The setting and scenes are so well described I thought I had been living in this town myself.  This was an excellent book by the author and a must read for those who have read his other books.  If a murder mystery isn’t your thing there are many other great books by Joe Hart.

Rating 5/5


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