Ray Wallace – Days of Rain Review

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Emily a second grader has just moved to Hidden Bay with her Mom. It’s far away from her old home, friends and school. But Emily now has the ocean to keep her busy. David Lee’s is shooting pool with his friend and mentions ‘the gray men’ he saw after a long period of rain. He hopes he won’t be seeing them again soon. John Lazanger is the local weatherman and hasn’t seen a storm like this in two decades. He hopes history won’t be repeating itself but the doubt is starting to creep into his mind. As the days of rain drag on David finds his friend Jerry at the bar. He picks his friend up and says he has to show him something. They drive to the beach and David shows Jerry ‘the grey man’. He is sitting on the beach both dead and gray and now Jerry is more than afraid. Ray Wallace sets a disturbing scene of a small town with these characters and more, each with their own struggles and fears. The rain and gray weather seems to be the common link between them all.

As the days pile on so do the deaths, and so does the rain. Ray Wallace takes an innocent event like a storm and rainy day and turns it into a bleak and foreboding backdrop. The small town of Hidden Bay is being assaulted by something dark and sinister, something hiding in the rain, something that has been waiting for the right time to come back. The dark presence in the water is slowly taking over the citizens of Hidden bay. The premise of Days of Rain is really good and the multitude of characters are good. Many of the characters had promising story lines but so many lacked being properly developed. The story jumped a bit going from one character to the next within the short length of the story. I think if the book had been about twice as long the story could have been better flushed out. This would have given time to expand a few character stories and make the book a more complete. Overall still an enjoyable quick read for an afternoon.

Book Info

Length:  100 Pages

Publisher:  Nightscape Press

Release date:  June 21st, 2015

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Something has awakened in the waters near Hidden Bay. Ancient and unknowable, it has been gathering its strength in the aftermath of an eons-old conflict, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. Now, with the wait finally nearing an end, it has decided that a test of its returning power is in order.

When a storm rolls in and settles over Hidden Bay, the townspeople are forced to confront their deepest fears and darkest nightmares. Before long, many begin to realize this is no ordinary storm, that the world they thought they knew has been harboring a terrible secret. And as each day passes, as new horrors and revelations come to light, a feeling of ever-increasing dread grips the town as the the rain continues to fall…

Ray Wallace, biography

Ray Wallace hails from the Tampa, FL area and is the author of THE NAMELESS, THE HELL SEASON, YEAR OF THE DEAD: BOOK ONE, the novella DAYS OF RAIN, the short story collection LETTING THE DEMONS OUT, and the One Way Out novels ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY, ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE ISLAND, and ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE PLANET. He also writes reviews for SFReader.com.

“For a first novel, THE NAMELESS is outstanding…”

“ESCAPE FROM ZOMBIE CITY is a really fun read and welcome addition to zombie literature.”



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