BP Gregory – Something for Everything Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Relationships that leave a hole, the outside that brings anxiety. How normal do I have to be to blend in is the question. A man temporarily loses a wife and the world is a mess, why does a person throw everything away. Something for Everything is set in the apocalyptic ghost filled future with BP Gregory’s sarcastic sense of humor to add a bit of light to the dark. In her book Outermen we get a glimpse of Outside and here we get to see more of what Outside looks like. It’s not a pretty world and much of it has been destroyed by good old mankind. People living in strange times in even stranger cities. But the surgeons are the lucky ones, they live in a better cleaner place. They are thought to be above the rest and don’t even touch another without a gloved hand.

The journey for the surgeon John and his friend take us through a landscape filled with monsters and people living in strange times. You don’t know what will happen next or what strange events are waiting for John and Charles as they try to solve the mystery of Charles’ wife. She has left the safety of the city to go outside. An ugly used up and worn down place. I did enjoy this book, this is the second book I’ve read by BP Gregory but I liked the closed in claustrophobic feel of Outermen more than Something for Everything.

Book Info

Length:  346 Pages

Release date:  October 27, 2015

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Long ago humanity retreated into migrating cities, leaving the landscape to monsters. Within the safety of walls the caste of Surgeons are denied human touch to preserve their skills.

A Surgeon must not be touched. The city can never stop. Comforting truths to live by. But the other cities have fallen silent. Fear stalks the streets. And John the Surgeon craves touch more than anything.

Monsters, machines and roaming cities, insanity, betrayal and lust: centuries later, the seeds of grim legacy sown in Automatons have borne strange fruit indeed…

BP Gregory, biography

Horror! Sci-Fi! All manner of strange happenings! Australian author and avid reader, BP Gregory was always an oddment to justify the most terrible things. With such tales you shouldn’t always feel comfortable or safe.

Coming from a sober, orderly corporate background she has been a student of archaeology, and a dilettante of psychology, biological science, and prepping culture.

It was a love of writing about people whatever their station that drew her strongly to horror, science fiction and urban fantasy; all engines for frogmarching her hapless characters through extreme situations. A process of painfully peeling back the layers to discover what, if anything, lurks inside. Do we each treasure some inviolate core of self, kept safe from our actions and choices? Would it matter if nobody ever saw it?

BP Gregory is the author


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