Stewart Bint – Thunderlands Review

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Thunderland is a collection of shorts by Stewart Bint, a fun and fast read with a wide variety of stories to enjoy.  The trial of Santa Claus is an introspective look at what has gone wrong with the holidays.  Can Santa really be to blame for the gross excess, is it his fault children are never satisfied.  These are some interesting questions and the trial of Santa Claus will give you pause to think.  The fourth wish takes a classic genie story with three wishes and turns this tale on its side.  The old saying be careful what you wish for could not be more appropriate.  A man makes three quick wishes before he takes time to think about what he really wants, he should have quit while he was ahead.  The growing thing is a disturbing story and I loved it! I always love a dark and slightly grotesque tale and this one fits the bill.  Stewart’s ability to build a story this short and have it complete from beginning to end makes this another great treat in the book.  A few of the stories are lighthearted and fun while others take a darker path, the all fit together like a well-designed puzzle.  The story ground control is a roller coaster ride and my heart rate climbed while I read this short.  The suspense was overwhelming and Stewart was able to build so much tension in such a few pages.  Thunderlands is filled with many great shorts with clever endings that make this a very good collection.  The last story the twitter bully is story I know is all too real, one that I have seen and followed for far too long.  There is no better way to deal with this kind of problem than to put it to words and give this bully what he deserves.  All in all this is a set of fun and enjoyable stories from an author I have read and followed for a while and will continue to look for his new books.

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  106 Pages

Publisher:  Smashwords

Release date:  December 6, 2014

AA collection of 17 short stories ranging from the sublime to the unforgivably ridiculous, including The Twitter Bully, A Timely Murder, The Wind Of Fire, “Hello Dear,” Money To Burn, Harvey Looks For A Friend, and the nonsense poem Ree — The Troll Of Dingleay, written with a lot of help from the children of Huncote Community Primary School in Leicestershire, UK.

Stewart Bint, biography

Novelist (science fiction and supernatural) signed by Booktrope. Magazine columnist. PR writer for one of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software developers.  Previous roles include radio presenter, newsreader and phone-in host.


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