Troy Blackford – Brilliant Story Review

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Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

In Brilliant Story writer Clarence Smetters has an idea that he decides is brilliant.  One he is sure hasn’t been written about before and a story that he’s so sure is nothing less than brilliant it’s a story he must write.  He calls it his ‘brilliant story’ and takes advantage of the free time he has during his day to write his story, a tactic that I’m sure is used by many writers.  Clarence spends every day for months on end writing for an hour at a time while he rides the bus to work.  He is so consumed by his writing as his story is now closing in on three hundred pages he is unable to react as a stranger steals his netbook.  His netbook holds the only copy but to Clarence it isn’t just a netbook it’s his story.

A Brilliant Story is total enjoyment and the story flows smoothly and the reading is effortless , Troy’s writing is excellent and holds your attention throughout.  An author who writes a book about a writer writing his story is a theme I’ve read many times and one I always enjoy.  Could a Brilliant Story be about Troy? Maybe or about someone he knows? Maybe but it’s a heck of a great story as far as I’m concerned.  One thing is for sure I enjoy the heck out it when the story has a writer as our main character, it’s like that cool feeling you get when you have a dream within a dream.  As Clarence tries to figure out how to get his story back from this thief Troy continues to spin a great story as Clarence finds the man who has taken his story and makes his plan on how to get it back.  Thank you Troy for a great story and not making it work for me to read your book, I very much enjoyed the journey and look forward to reading your stories again soon.

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  71 Pages

Publisher:  BigHugeGiant Publishing

Release date:  December 2, 2015

Clarence Smetters has a secret. He’s been spending each day writing a Brilliant Story on the city bus on his way to and from his job.  Clarence Smetters has a problem. A fellow passenger he knows only as ‘Hell- My Nam- Calvi-’ has spotted him, and when ‘Hell- My Nam- Calvi-’ needs money fast, the first thing he thinks of is Clarence’s fancy little notebook.

Troy Blackford, biography

Troy Blackford is a writer in his earliest of thirties living in the Twin Cities with his wife, toddler son, and two cats. An additional human is also currently in development.

He has nine publications available on Kindle and in Paperback: the novels ‘Under the Wall’ and ‘Through the Woods,’ the novellas ‘Critical Incident,’ ‘Emergent Pattern,’ ‘Strange Way Out,’ ‘Booster & Reeves: The Night of the Revenants,’ and “First There Wasn’t, Then There Was,” along with the short story collections ‘For Those With Eyes to See’ and ‘Flotsam.’

He has stories in anthologies like Fireside Popsicles, Pavor Nocturnus, and A Shadow of Autumn, as well as journals like Bewildering Stories, Roadside Fiction, Roar & Thunder, the Glass Coin, Rose Red Review, and Inkspill Magazine.


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