Glenn Rolfe – Land of Bones Review

Genre: Horror
Length: 219 Pages
Publisher: Alien Agenda Publishing
Release date: February 22, 2018
Synopsis: Demon lights, granted wishes, strange things, and brutal love at the Lucky Lounge Motel. A haunted sister, desperate parents, a little human touch, and the end of the world…
These are the stories whispered among dead leaves, the script etched bare for all to see. When the chills sink deep and your heart begins to pound…are you alone?
Welcome to Glenn Rolfe’s LAND OF BONES!
14 tales of the strange and macabre

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

When I opened Land of Bones, I was making a trip into a very dark place, and I had no idea what I was in for. I’ve read Glenn Rolfe’s work many times, but much of the writing here was on a different level. The stories in Land of Bones all had a different and distinct voice behind them. The following shorts really stood out to me and were exceptional and noteworthy. First was Simon, a story about a little girl playing in her backyard with a worm. But don’t be fooled, not everything here was roses and rainbows, and I loved the ending. Next, Not Kansas Anymore had a lesson that I should have expected, but it still shocked me. Charlie sings the World Away, was quick and had a suddenly shocking ending for any parent out there. Glenn didn’t let up as he continued to drop the hammer on me.

So many of the stories in this collection knocked the wind out of me, especially The Rooster. I almost couldn’t finish it because it hit so close to home. The shear crushing weight of emotions that hit me in this book came from every direction. This is what I love about horror, it reminds me I’m still alive and able to feel something. But at the same time, those feelings can be too much.

The last two I’ll cover are probably my favorite. In The Fixer Glenn really stepped outside of himself. I was following along and happily enjoying the ride and then Glenn flipped everything upside down. I had to back up and re-read the last page to be sure what I read was correct. This was a great tale of asking for something before thinking about the consequences, just wow. Last, but not least was Fire. It was a thrill ride that was over before I knew what happened. It is the shortest piece and one of my favorites. Glenn, if you read this review, I would love to see this short expanded into a novella!

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Glenn Rolfe, Biography-

LAND OF BONES is my second short story collection. My first collection, SLUSH (Alien Agenda Publishing 2014), garnered enough nice reviews to make the decision to do another collection easy.

In 2017, I was invited to quite a few anthologies, I had to turn down most of them, but I’m proud to say that two of the anthologies I landed with are nominated for the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards in the Best Anthology category.(VS:X and Splatterpunk Fighting Back). My story “Molly” (from Splatterpunk Fighting Back) is also nominated in the Best Short Story category.

It’s an honor to be recognized for my short fiction. I’m proud of the 14 tales included in LAND OF BONES. I believe they are among my strongest short stories yet.  I hope you’ll dig in and enjoy them as much I as I enjoyed writing them.

Thanks for making time for my work.  Feel free to find my on Twitter. I love meeting new readers!


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