The End is Now (Apocalypse Triptych Book 2) Review


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Length:  338 Pages

I was so excited to finally have The End Is Now to read after reading The End is Nigh.  I was really happy that many of the authors have returned to continue their stories. While many of the stories pick up right where they left off while others are occurring further along their timeline.  If you are someone who loves tales of the apocalypse and horror I highly recommend reading this series.  There are many great writers with a wide range of end of the world scenarios.  The writing is top-notch and continues to hold you captive while you see where it all leads.

The book leads of with the story Herd Immunity by Tananarive Due who tells us a frightening story of 90% of the population that is wiped out from a 72 hour virus. This is a frightening story of a lonely girl looking for anyone she can find companionship with while she is traveling along a road following a solitary man.  The stranger is apprehensive to have any contact for fear of contamination.  In The Sixth Day of Deer Camp is a continuation of The Fifth Day of Deer Camp with the action picking up right where it left off. Our group has the terrifying decision to make after an alien craft has crashed close their cabin in the middle of nowhere during a very cold winter. The suspense that Scott Sigler throws in our face is fantastic as is his twist which was completely unseen.  Goodnight Stars is another great continuation, that continues the story Goodbye Moon, and Annie Bellet steps up the suspense in a big way. The moon is now destroyed and now communications have become hit and miss.  Her daughter now struggles to understand and accept her loss.  Seanan mcguire’s story continues to be more terrifying than her first. With the spores now everywhere there is no place of safety.  A mother and her daughter live day-to-day in search of ‘safe’ food and water while desperately trying to avoid becoming contaminated with the spores.  After losing her partner she wants nothing more than to keep her daughter safe from the mold she unknowingly is responsible creating.  Agent Isolated by David Wellington is a fantastic action packed end of the world Zombie tale.  A group of people are desperate to get out of the city and reach the harbor where they believe a boat will take them to safety.  After long and dangerous travel thru the city they arrive at the shore.  What they find isn’t at all expected and is more terrifying than the mystery of why people are turning into Zombies.  Ken Liu’s story The Gods Will Not Be Slain is so creative and such different way to have the end of the world arrive.  Instead of virus, zombies or out of control whether we have people’s minds uploaded to the net where they battle to control the world.  With all the latest computer technology we have to help us in our world, this story takes it to a new level of concern.  One of the more intriguing stories is Bring them Down by Ben Winters.  The population ‘hears’ God telling them to cross over, but one girl doesn’t hear anything and doesn’t believe. She doesn’t believe and refuses to accept that she should follow the majority.  After everyone is gone she is left with just one friend remaining and trying to survive.  Will McIntosh again frightens the heck out of me with Dancing with Batgirl in the Land of Nod.  The image of seeing people getting sick and nodding to only end up paralyzed is completely terrifying.  This is one of those stories that really sticks with you and can make you never want to leave your home for fear of contracting an illness.  In the Mountain by Hugh Howey is a great follow-up to In the Air.  The people are hold up in a mountain with a small group while the rest of humanity left to die from a nuclear apocalypse.  Being safe isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as they soon discover, in the mountain quickly takes a turn for the worse making them wonder if a quick death wouldn’t have been better.

These are only a few of the great stories contained in this book. There are many more awaiting you, ready to give you a disturbing outlook on the end of the world.  I’m now again wanting the next and final piece to this literary puzzle.  John Joseph Adams really knows how to pick his writers and the authors really know how to tell a great story.  This is a must read trilogy, with so many great stories you can’t lose.

Rating 5/5


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