Suren Hakobyan – Edge of End Review

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Length:  264 Pages

Right from the beginning you can tell this is a unique story and I was sucked in within the first few chapters. A man awakes in the desert with no memory of how he arrived there and no memory of who he is. He is completely confused about where he is, why he has no memory and how to get home. After a few minutes surveying his surroundings he sees a ‘town’ and decides that’s where he should go. This is the point where the story really winds up and feels like a good old episode of the Twilight Zone. The way our character feels so alone, confused and unsure what to do is strongly felt. The imagery of the ‘town’ is very well written, it’s not hard to feel like your walking along side him.
He finally meets two strangers in a bar who provide little help. Jonathan struggles for what to him feels like an eternity, there are many mysterious happenings as he learns why he is here and what it takes to get home. The mystery and suspense are well laid out, the why’s and how’s are slowly revealed. There is plenty of action to entertain and hold your attention.

Rating 4/5


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