M.L. Banner – Stone Age Review


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Length:  242 Pages

Stone Age by M.L.Banner is a great and different look at the end of the world as we know it.  It’s definitely not the typical virus or zombie apocalyptic setting.  It’s premise is what happens when we no longer have power and the consequences and how to survive .  I love apocalyptic stories and was thrilled to read a different take on how it could all end.  The idea of a world without power and all the conveniences we take for granted is an interesting and fun idea.

The story starts off with the King family planning a family vacation at their beach house in Mexico.  The parents make their trip separately from their children and arrive to find their eccentric neighbor Max, a ‘end of the world prepper’ talking about the end coming soon.  Their one daughter Sally who blogs and is into tech is following the strange events is on her way from California.  Their other two children are on their way from their grandparent’s home in Michigan.

While this is all going on Steve and his father are trying to crack a code into what the Cicada Project is all about.  This is the central mystery that ties it all together.  On the ISS we have yet more characters who soon become aware of the problems that will hit the planet.  They soon become cut of from communications with earth.  Coronal mass ejections or CME’s seen as auroras are the problem. All electronic devices will be rendered useless and it is soon becoming an overwhelming problem.

Stone age has great characters who are all tied together in the overall ARC of the story.  M.L. Banner does a fantastic job of moving the story forward while telling it within all of these characters sub stories.  The science mixed with the science fiction of what could and would happen keeps you turning pages with anticipation.  I devoured this book in no time and it was hard to stop reading until the conclusion.  Stone Age is a great apocalyptic story and I am eagerly waiting for the sequel.

Rating 5/5


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