Andrew Cull – Knock and You Will See Me Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Knock and You Will See Me, is part ghost story and part tale of a Ellie who is lost in her grief from the death of her Dad. When Ellie was 5, she had a near death experience. It left her with an extra level of sensitivity, like a sixth sense. Now she sees and hears things that others don’t, or does she? On the day of her Dad’s funeral she thinks she hears a sound, clear as day. She’s sure it was her Dad knocking from inside the casket. I could dig what the author was putting down here. This story had real tension, and moments when you didn’t know what was real or imagined. As the months of grief consume her, she finds notes that start to form a message. She recognizes the handwriting as her fathers and its enough to push her over the edge.

Her Fathers death is hard for her to reconcile with, and the loss is more than her mind can handle. Ellie is convinced the notes are from her Dad and that he must be alive. The author does an excellent job expressing the protagonist emotional state, like her denial and inability to believe her father is gone. For Ellie, the silence is never-ending and his voice is only a memory. The voices she hears are other dead people as they scream from their graves. This is what her near death experience has left her with. Oh, double hell, I hope I never have this ability. In the end, the story took some turns I had some trouble with. I enjoyed the book for the most part and the supernatural angle was creepy and well done.

Book Info

Length: 77 Pages

Release date: December 1, 2017

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“We buried Dad in the winter. It wasn’t until the spring that we heard from him again.”

Knock and You Will See Me is a new ghost story by award winning writer-director Andrew Cull.

When grieving Ellie Ray finds a crumpled, handwritten note from her recently deceased father, hidden behind the couch, she assumes that her middle boy, Max, left it there. It has a single word written on it: WHY. But, as more and more letters begin to appear throughout the house, Ellie and her three boys will find themselves dragged into a deeply sinister mystery surrounding her father’s death.

“Dad? I looked down at the scribbled note in my hand, at the words torn into the paper. What had started as a whisper had grown louder, more desperate. The words had been screamed onto the page. Dad? Please. What’s going on?”

Also by Andrew Cull: Hope and Walker, Did You Forget About Me? and The Trade.

Andrew Cull, biography

I’m a writer and director. I wrote and directed In The Dark ( and The Possession Of David O’Reilly (UK title : The Torment).

My first novel, Remains, is due for release in 2018.

I welcome feedback and love to hear from people who have seen my movies and read my stories. Feel free to get in touch with me on andy at


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