Rayne Millaray – It All Comes Down To Zombies: Sarah Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Sarah quickly grabs what she can, what she thinks she needs and walks outside. What she sees is an empty spot where her car use to sit. Her husband, dog and most importantly her car are gone. Sarah doesn’t know how long until those things come for her. Knowing she has to find a safer place than her home she looks around for anyone left in her destroyed neighborhood. She hears a noise and her nerves are on edge until she realizes the sound is a truck. The man in the truck is her ex, probably the last person she expected to see, and the last she wants to see. Jimmy tells her the monsters are coming and they have to get moving, and fast.

Sarah and Jimmy take off leaving the zombie apocalypse in their rear view. They hope they can get to her sisters knowing her brother-in-law, an ex-marine will know what to do.  With the virus all over the country and spreading across the world finding a safe place may be challenging. Once Sarah and Jimmy reach her sister’s house they find it empty. They arrive at her sister and brother in law’s to find them gone. They spend the night at her sister’s house and Sarah stocks up on more guns and supplies as they continue their journey in an ever-changing world.

The banter and humor between Sarah and her ex Jimmy is fun to witness. It’s well placed in the upside down world of the apocalypse. Rayne Millaray kept this end of the world short story on the lighter side and a fun read. I didn’t know who to trust or what to expect as Sarah made her way through the zombie filled landscape. The story lost some momentum near the middle as Sarah and Jimmy meet a strange group of survivors. Sarah doesn’t make it to her destination but she did find her husband Max and her journey wasn’t a total loss…

Book Info

Length:  64 Pages

Release date:  June 26, 2016

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After spending a horrific night holed up in her walk-in closet with her husband, Max, and their cat, Sylvester, Sarah finds herself ditched by the both of them in front of the rubble that once was their home. As if things couldn’t get any worse, a pickup truck comes rambling around the corner driven by none other than Sarah’s ex-husband, Jimmy.

With no home to speak of, and against her better judgment, Sarah takes Jimmy up on his offer of a ride. And just for fun, the zombies close in on them as they pull away. There’s definitely something unusual going on here, but who knows what? In the first edition of this short story series, follow Sarah and Jimmy on their hunt for Sarah’s husband and her family in what can only be described as a harrowing adventure. It all comes down to zombies in the end.


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