Sheldon Woodbury – The World on Fire Review

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In The World on Fire we met one of the craziest characters I’ve read in a long time, Louis Sedah, a true psychopath in every sense of the the word.  His motivation in life is ‘do what you want, be who you are’ and with his sick and twisted mind he does just that.  He loves to cause death and destruction everywhere he goes and his killing rampage lands him in the country’s highest security prison.  He grants a reporter named David an interview to tell the country his side of the story, and this is where life goes sideways for David and his world will never be the same.  Louis with the help of some of one of his friends known as The Killer Priest plans a prison break along with a dozen of the worst criminals you can imagine.  Sheldon Woodbury creates a great group of characters, by great I mean super twisted and scary, which have caused death and destruction in their own unique way.  Each has of them has a back story that is equally horrid and disgusting and he gives them great names like, The Hangman, The bombshell and Dr. Doom to name a few.  I really like the creative names and histories he gave his characters, they make a fascinating group of criminals.

With his band of sick and twisted friends they waste no time terrorizing the county and letting everyone know more of the same is on the way.  FBI agent Locke Wright makes it his personal mission to catch The Agent of Death and does his best to taunt him out of hiding where he hopes he will make the mistake that leads to his capture.  Louis is always one step ahead and with help from the members of societies lowest and depraved he has no trouble with his plan of setting the world on fire.  I was quite shocked and surprised where this crazy adventure went, and Sheldon really had me along for the ride.  I couldn’t wait to see what was the next horrible and terrifying act of terror was on the agent of deaths list.  I found myself drawn to Louis Sedah, he is a great character and its fun to like this crazy character.  The World on Fire is very well constructed, the characters felt realistic and there are plenty of twists to keep the reader from setting this book down.

Rating 4.5/5

Book Info

Length:  202 Pages

Release date:  August 11, 2014

A serial-killing-arsonist called the “Angel of Death” is captured and sent to the infamous Spookhouse, a maximum security prison in the middle of the desert where the most horrific criminals are kept. But the impossible happens when he escapes with a journalist and six other psychos from death-row. They embark on an apocalyptic road trip that reveals a scary underground America that’s both mythic and haunting. This is an action packed thriller that will keep you up all night until the knock-out ending.

Thrilling. Provocative. Dark as Hell. Lock your doors and tuck your children in before you start reading The World on Fire – Derek Hass, acclaimed author of Dark Men, screenwriter for Taken, and the creator of Popcorn Fiction.

Sheldon Woodbury, biography

Sheldon Woodbury is an award winning writer (books, short stories, screenplays, and plays) who writes mostly in the dark fantasy and horror field. His book, Cool Million, is considered the go to guide on writing high concept movies. His horror short stories have been featured on Popcorn Fiction (Mulholland Books), Horror Novel Reviews, Hellnotes, Gothic City Press, and published in the anthologies, Cultists, Charlatans & Clerics (Gothic City Press), One Hellacious Halloween (Horror Novel Reviews), Bones 2 and Demonic Possession (James Ward Kirk Publishing), Shots of Terror (Angelic Knight Press), and many other collections. His novel, The World on Fire, was published by James Ward Kirk Publishing. During the day he teaches screenwriting at New York University. At night, after the kids are in bed, he writes scary stories for adults.


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