Colin F. Barnes – Salt Review


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Length:  346 Pages

First I must say this is the second book I’ve read by Colin F. Barnes and I think it is his best. This is a great read, suspenseful, filled with action, mystery and near impossible to put down. The setting for the book is aboard a floating city of boats after an apocalyptic event has occurred. We slowly learn about some of the events that led to our characters having the city of ships they call home. Colin F. Barnes does a great job setting up multiple story lines and mysteries with a multitude of characters. There are many different groups that exist on the floating city, as would in any small community. Many story lines are added and expanded on while the story plays out, keeping the reader engrossed and the story quickly moving to the end. Colin F. Barnes has set up great tension and animosity between many characters and groups leaving you unsure who you can trust and who are the bad guys. Our main character Eve, a former cop, finds herself in charge of solving a murder that soon opens to a wider mystery. Jim, our captain, tries to hold everyone together while the strains of life after the apocalypse increases as supplies are constantly decreasing. The book is a fast paced read and keeps your attention with suspense and great story telling. The answers are revealed but not too early and are not obvious, I wondered who was to be trusted. This is a great read for anyone who loves books about apocalyptic events. I have come to really enjoy Colin Barnes’ books and look forward to reading his Techxorcist series.

Rating 5/5


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