Adam Ickes – Horrid Little Things Review

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Horrid Little Things is another great collection of 100 word stories, 100 of them for your enjoyment by Adam Ickes.  This is his third book of 100 word stories and I found so many that really struck me, many with a quick twist as well as many that made me grin.  While it may seem strange that a horror story would make me grin you have to understand as a huge fan of horror it comes with the territory.  I find it real talent to write a great story in exactly 100 words and not just a story or two but 100 of them and not just one book but three.  I’m a big fan of Adam Ickes writing and I’ve read all of the 100 word story collections.

The story ‘Oh God’ feels straight forward until Adam pulls a fast one and turns an innocent car accident into something from left field.  ‘Houseguest’ sounds like a disappointed spouse complaining about a messy home but this guest is more disturbing and in an unsettling way.  ‘The Summoning’ takes a fun childhood activity and flips it on its head, who knew a drawing could be so real.  ‘A Trail of Gore’ has the apocalyptic feel I love and of course the tale takes the quick left turn that Adam Ickes does so well.  ‘Not Ready for the Big Leagues’ was the story that made me laugh and had me thinking ‘I’m a bit twisted’ but trust me it is funny and for a baseball fan a real treat.  This book is filled with many great twisted tales and the last one I’ll mention is ‘Sick Little Fishy’.  Sometimes a nickname isn’t a bad thing and listening to your Mother is a warning worth heeding.  I totally enjoyed the journey Adam Ickes gave me and he’s an author I know I can count on to entertain me.

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  107 Pages

Release date:  December 4, 2015

100 stories.
100 words each.
Tiny snippets of terror
for your consumption.

Do not fear the dark.
The dark cannot harm you.

Instead, fear the horrid things that hide
in the shadows waiting to pounce,
the people with hearts blacker than coal,
and the evil that permeates a world running
out of control.

Fear the things under the stairs and
under the bed, the things living in closets
and inside your head.

Fear all of these things,
but fear not the dark.
The dark cannot harm you.

Adam Ickes, biography

Adam Ickes is a writer who has made a home in central Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter. He is obsessed with releasing the horrors in his mind on an unsuspecting world. His stories live and fester in the twisted confines of his imagination before demanding to be released from their prison, usually at gunpoint.


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