Tim Ouellette – Fractured Review

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Fractured is a collection of shorts by Tim Ouellette and he gives us a set of smart fun stories.  The opening story is short but very sweet, a man just wants some sleep but his dead wife won’t cooperate.  I am a big fan of flash fiction and I love that fewer words are sometimes so much more.  The Hunted is a story about just that, a man makes sport of hunting people but while he enjoys his hunt little does he realize he too is being hunted.  Tim gives us short horror at its best with this twist of fate as the tension is quickly created and the story is just as quickly devoured.  Stories like Insatiable like the title of this book leave you feeling just that, fractured.  It makes you feel as though you just woke up from a strange dream and can only remember bits and pieces, leaving you disturbed in some way without knowing exactly why.  The stories continue to read as partial glimpses into dreams of madness.  Killswitch and Demontia fit this well as a boy hears voices that he can’t shut out and a father who returns home to find he hasn’t escaped the madness he thought was only in his mind.  Tim Ouellette’s stories fill you with unease leaving a tight spot in your chest, and your head feeling a bit fuzzy.

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  84 Pages

Release date:  April 27, 2015

Demonic children. A man on the verge of insanity. A woman’s obsession that brings her back from the dead…night after night.

FRACTURED is a collection of dark-fiction where nothing is as it seems and terror and madness are the new “normal”.

This is a revised and updated edition featuring a total of twelve works of dark fiction (nine stories and three poems)


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