Joe Hart – Something Came Through Review

Genre: Horror Length: 223 Pages Publisher: Black Spine Books Release date: October 29, 2019 Synopsis: Fear is a place, and to get there it’s as easy as looking in the mirror. Wall Street Journal bestselling author Joe Hart returns to the horror arena with his second collection of twisted and unsettling tales featuring monstrosities of … More Joe Hart – Something Came Through Review

Lullabies for Suffering Presale Promotion

It’s happening! Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror, is now available for presale for Kindle on amazon. Kindle and Paperback Preorder on Amazon  Paperback Preorder on Barnes & Noble I’m incredibly excited to unleash this work onto the world. I can’t wait for readers to feast their eyes on these Novellas & Novelettes. The … More Lullabies for Suffering Presale Promotion

Wrestling with Lovecraft By James Chambers

Wrestling with Lovecraft By James Chambers, author of On the Night Border Writing stories in the Lovecraftian tradition poses a number of challenges. On the surface, Lovecraft wrote stories about monsters, aliens, and ancient, cosmic entities, all imaginatively conceived and described, and all of them nearly incomprehensible to the humans, but in the best of … More Wrestling with Lovecraft By James Chambers

Stephanie M. Wytovich – Hysteria Review

Genre: Poetry Length: 162 Pages Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press Release date: July 28, 2013 Synopsis: Asylums once used to confine those deemed mentally unfit linger, forgotten behind trees or urban development, beautiful yet desolate in their decay. Within them festers something far more unnerving than unlit corners or unexplained noises: the case files left … More Stephanie M. Wytovich – Hysteria Review

John Brhel and Joe Sullivan- The Thrumming Stone Review

Genre: Horror Length: 135 Pages Publisher: Cemetery Gates Media Release date: April 30, 2019 Synopsis: Could you prevent a major disaster if you knew it was coming? Would your friends and family even believe you? What if you were an average high school freshman and seemingly the only person who could save your town from … More John Brhel and Joe Sullivan- The Thrumming Stone Review