Theresa Braun – The Broken Darkness Review

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Genre: Horror
Length: 268 Pages
Publisher: Gorgon Blood Press
Release date: February 13, 2023

In her debut collection, Theresa Braun explores the inner workings of the human heart and what it is we most desire-forgiveness, acceptance, love, fame, or merely to escape who we really are. Whether we are battling ghosts, demons, mythical monsters, the past, or other dimensions, we are really facing the deepest parts of ourselves. These thirteen tales of horror and dark fantasy may appear to be a matter of good versus evil, but they are all a reflection of the hidden corners of the soul that are often shades of broken darkness. The characters in these stories must face their inner and outer terrors, or else suffer the consequences.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

As a long time fan of Theresa Braun, I was excited when I learned about The Broken Darkness. The fact it is a collection of shorts made that news even better. In the fist story, Dead Over Heals, we meet two stranger on a first date, who have more in common than their dating profiles reveal. It’s been a bit since I read this opening story, and I enjoyed the mystery as much now, as then. I thought this was a dark take on life until I read the next short from The Broken Darkness. Collecting Empties was a sharp poke to the eye and a stab in the chest. Theresa Braun holds nothing back here and I loved it! Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Celestial Assignment was fun, light, and witty. I hadn’t expected humor amidst a horror collection. This was another solid short, props to Theresa Braun for turning the tables on this reader, as I smiled and laughed. Guilty as Cell felt real, a story ripped from a news headline. Guilty as Cell is a cautionary tale at it’s core for those who have a phone glued to their hand.

Stillborn was a great thriller with a dose of sci-fi that made my skin crawl. With mysterious medical procedures and sketchy doctors this story was right up my alley. It was a page turner that had me in it’s grip. Legend Trippers was a great take on one of the more visited urban legends, the goatman. It is told from a unique perspective. The voice of the antagonist is fun and smart, giving it an almost human quality. It was a fun and fast read. Stay Tuned was horror at it’s best, witty, gory and cleaver. I really loved the crazy antics of this group of pranksters. This short was excellent and left me wanting more.

The Broken Darkness is filled with a wide variety of stories. As with most collections, I dug some more than others, and overall it was a great read. I’m looking forward to what Theresa Braun has for us next!

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Theresa Braun, Biography-

Theresa Braun has a Master’s degree in English literature and lives in South Florida where she has taught literature and writing for over 20 years. Traveling, ghost hunting, and all things dark are her passions. In 2018 Unnerving released her horror novel Fountain Dead, a coming of age ghost story. Her short works have appeared in The Horror Zine, Sirens Call, Hardened Hearts, and Best Indie Speculative Fiction: November 2018, Double Barrel Horror (Volume 3) and Emporium of Superstition.

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