Kevin J. Kennedy – 100 Word Horrors 3 Review

Genre: Horror
Length: 110 Pages
Release date: September 4, 2019
Synopsis: Over 100 drabbles by some of the finest horror authors writing today.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

I love the 100 word format, and seeing what a writer can accomplish with this specific amount of words is a lot of fun. Years ago when I first discovered stories were being written with just 100 words, few were attempting it, and even fewer were excelling at it. I see it is catching on and I’m thrilled at what writers are coming up with.

Reviewing a 100 word story is extremely difficult. What do I say without giving it all away? Well, in this case I can say the stories in this collection are wide ranging. I found some to be a bit predictable, while others were down right fantastic. Many went full force, gave great twists, held no punches. I shook my head at many, felt a knife to the chest from other, and was on the edge of my seat at times. I did a few double takes, had my brain twisted, was out right shocked, and even laughed. With 100 stories I can’t possibly mention them all, but the following left their mark. These were my favorites, I’m sure you will have your own. This was a great read, a lot of fun, and a book I can easily recommend

Larry HinkleThree Wishes, Valerie LioudisToo Many, DS UlleryNumber Thirteen, Justin M. WoodwardGravemakers and Gunslingers, Aron BeauregardHot Car, C.M. SaundersNaughty Step, RJ RolesDelicious, Brandy YassaHappy Birthday, Dean M. KingToo Late, Chris HallThe Evacuation, Michael D. DavisThe Doctor’s Hobbies, Martin ZeiglerBlackout, Steve StredClick, Toneye EyenotSleep, My Darling, Michelle Garza and Melissa LasonWooden Suit, Ron DavisMachines of War, Scott Paul HallamThe Crate, and RJ MeldrumInvasion.

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Kevin J. Kennedy, Biography-

Kevin J Kennedy is a horror author & editor from Scotland. He is the co-author of You Only Get One Shot, Screechers and has a solo collection available called Dark Thoughts. He is also the publisher of several bestselling anthology series; Collected Horror Shorts, 100 Word Horrors & The Horror Collection, as well as the stand-alone anthology Carnival of Horror. His stories have been featured in many other notable books in the horror genre.

He lives in a small town in Scotland, with his wife and his two little cats, Carlito and Ariel.

Keep up to date with new releases or contact Kevin through his website:


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