Mercedes Yardley – Pretty Little Dead Girls Review


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Length:  178 Pages

Pretty Little Dead Girls by Mercedes Yardley is hard to describe, although she calls it a tale of murder and whimsy, I’m unable to find the right words. So we will stick with whimsical and really it makes no difference, all that matters is that it is so unique and fantastic that I find myself wondering why I have never read anything like this before.

Mercedes Yardley has a wonderful style all her own, one I have never come across in all the reading I have done. Pretty Little Dead Girls is a story of Bryony, a girl whose fate it is to die, but it’s so much more, it’s also a story of her desire to live. She is surrounded by death and finds death at her heels everyday of her life. She meets a wonderful man Eddie and makes many friends that can all see she is destined to die and do all they can to prevent this terrible fate. We have Peter who loves death and murder more than anything, he knows he and Bryony’s fates are meant to be one. She is meant to die and he is meant to kill her.

The story is built with feeling and care and not driven by descriptions of scenery and typical character development or long dialogue. This is not to say there is no scenes and no descriptions, just that the story is narrated with Mercedes special way about her. It’s the words and arrangement of them. I can only provide the following example: “Not that Peter believed that murder and sneezing were exactly the same, of course, but it certainly was an argument that downplayed the horrendous atrocity of his actions, and therefore it was an argument that he would very much like to make.”  This kind of wonderful word usage fills the pages of the book and is really enjoyable to read.

The character’s interactions are filled with their external words as well as internal thoughts. You’re placed inside each character’s head with their feelings, thoughts and internal conversations. After reading Beautiful Sorrows by Mercedes Yardley I knew I had stumbled across something uniquely fantastic. I knew I would have to read her next book and was given a copy for an honest review. It’s a fantastically written book and again I’m left knowing I’ll read her next book. I’ve recommend her books before and will continue to do so with this one. Pretty Little Dead Girls is the kind of book that sticks with you long after you’ve finished it.  I can’t recommend it enough or give it higher praise.

Rating 5/5


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