Adam Ickes – Evil Little Things Review

evil things

Genre: Horror
Length: 108 Pages
Release date: March 28, 2019
Synopsis: In this, the fifth and final installment of 100 Tiny Tales of Terror, one hundred more stories of exactly one hundred words each is served up for your enjoyment.
Monsters exist in many forms. Often, the worst monsters of all hide behind a human skin. Sometimes they even hide in plain sight. Usually though, they prefer to stay in the shadows and wait patiently for someone to venture just a few inches too close. Then, all bets are off. Within these pages you will find their stories. Devour them. Savor them. Most of all, be glad you aren’t living them.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

I absolutely dig the 100-word story format and have it on good authority that several hundred stories didn’t make the cut. Double hell! I would never have guessed the amount of effort it takes to put together 100 stories. For me, I love seeing how much punch is possible in exactly one hundred words.

Numerous stories were quite dark and some with dark humor, just below the surface. I really dug the stories with characters who felt ‘watched’. That eerie feeling you can’t shake, that feeling we’ve all had. Also, the many quick twists of irony and brutality, along with themes surrounding death. The stories about relationships gone wrong or the brink of collapse are heart wrenching. But, what good horror book wouldn’t include a harsh death or two. I really enjoyed this trip through the fifth book filled with darkness, titled Evil Little Things.

The stories below were exceptional because of some, or all of the reasons listed above.


Thinking of him

The Guard


To Hell and Back

Compliance is Mandatory

The Man Outside

Losing it is relatable


The Visitors

The Greatest Lie Ever Told

The Accident

You and Me

At the Hotel

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Adam Ickes, Biography-

Adam Ickes is a writer who has made a home in central Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter. He is obsessed with releasing the horrors in his mind on an unsuspecting world. His stories live and fester in the twisted confines of his imagination before demanding to be released from their prison, usually at gunpoint.


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