Nic Kristofer Black – Bedtime Horrors Review

Genre: Horror
Length: 50 Pages
Release date: September 6, 2016
Synopsis: Written for a new generation of fans, Bedtime Horrors is the first volume of a unique collection of dark stories, served with a twist and delivered in exactly one page. From author Nic Kristofer Black and illustrated by Jorge Gonzalez, the collection is written for the 140 character, web surfing, binge watching, Snapchat generation.

Perfect for the short attention span, each tale is exactly 1000 words in length – easily readable in the time it takes to watch a YouTube video. And because ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ every story is graced with chillingly illustrated artwork. From mindless zombies to insidious vaporghouls, each work fiendishly drags the reader, kicking and screaming, into its dark, decaying world.

Bedtime Horrors transports classic creatures from fog-laden hamlets to contemporary settings and the glare of modern life. The collection also introduces new creatures, eager to make the reader’s acquaintance, with hopes of someday becoming the subject of new tales told around the campfire.

Crafted for maximum potency, Bedtime Horrors is a smart and quirky update to the horror genre. The collection is a daily dose of horror, the reason to go to sleep with one eye open and almost worth dying for.

Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review

I don’t often receive a physical copy, and was lucky enough to this time to get this one. The artwork in Bedtime Horrors is really well done. A Claw at the Closet Door had a nice twist on a classic childhood scared of the dark scenario. What I liked best about the stories was how the tables were turned on ‘who’ is the monster. I thought the collection was good but the artwork was what really made this a fun read. The story Glass Jars was what I really wanted to see more of, this was a great short. I had hoped for more twists and scares, but for the most part the stories were alright, some easy to see the ending before it came.

Link to purchase Bedtime Horrors


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