FINALE by Steen Langstrup Book Announcement

Today I bring you the announcement of FINALE by Steen Langstrup. The German publication is tomorrow, April 14th and here in the US, May 25th by 2 Feet Entertainment. It looks and sounds terrifying. At the bottom of this post you can check out all of the media links!


It’s a big night. Denmark is in the finale. Everybody is watching the game. At the gas station out by the highway, the two young women working the night shift are expecting a quiet evening and very few customers.

However no customers means no witnesses. They have been chosen to star in a completely different show.

  Leading actor Anne Bergfeld

Dont cry, Agnes, the clown says. Its only showbiz after all. He moves the shears to his other hand. I promise, I wont kill you, okay?

Agnes is hunched over in the chair as far as the ropes allow. Tears and drool are dripping from her chin. She turns her head a tiny bit and glances up at the clown, 

trying to read his eyes behind the mask.

I promise, he repeats. I wont kill youand nobody else will eitheruntil you beg us to do it.

FINALE by Steen Langstrup
RELEASE DATE: May 25th 2018
Genre: Horror/thriller — in the tradition of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostel and Saw.
Length: 161 pages
Publisher: 2 Feet Entertainment (German rights sold to Random House)

Award winning author of more than twenty five books, the majority of which are horror and thrillers.
Nicknamed the danish king of horror.
His work has been filmed, Kat (2001), Finale (2018), made into radio plays and translated into English, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish.
‘Finale’ will be his fifth novel published in English.









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