Equilibrium Overturned Review


Length:  256 Pages
Equilibrium Overturned is another fine release from Gray Matters Press.  The opening story ‘The Final Testimony of Molly Ryder’ sets the perfect tone for this book.  This story really turns you upside down, followed by Amnion which is a fantastic tale of the search for the fountain of youth.  Martial Law is a chilling tale with a great twist to the usual Zombie fare.  One of my favorites is Through the Ghostlands by Rose Blackthorn.  She paints a chilling and bleak landscape and writes a great story.  The Collected Sylvia, Volumes 1 to 1388 is really unique and fun.  These five stories comprise the first third of Equilibrium Overturned and set the book off to an incredible start.
The final three stories Compartmental, This is Not a Horror Story and Sunrise are also on my list of favorites and are fantastic.  Compartmental is a real mind twist like the opening story.  This is Not a Horror Story is a great and fun tale of a girl at the DMV, you need to read this to understand why.  The final story Sunrise is a great choice to complete this latest collection, it’s a nail bitter and very tense. I have read all the fine books put out by Gray Matters Press, they are all great reads each with a different twist or angle on horror. This I think this may be the best of them all and these authors have done an excellent job with their contributions. If you’re not familiar with Gray Matters Press and their fine collections this is an excellent place to start.
Rating 5/5

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