Letitia Trent – Echo Lake Review


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Length:  280 Pages

Echo Lake is an original, chilling and great read filled with darkness and mystery.  Emily moves to the town her family was from to live in the home of her Aunt.  But knowing nothing about the town or her family because her Mother kept it all a secret.  She discovers her Aunt was murdered and more family secrets along the way.  Letitia Trent does an excellent job writing the feel and flavor of an outsider trying to fit into a small country town.
The town and scenery in the woods are painted so well you can feel the darkness surrounding Echo Lake; the way the town is described you feel you’ve passed through one just like it at some point.  The characters are just as you would imagine them to react to an outsider seeking answers. This story has many levels and twists, along with great characters. It’s a page turner til the end.

Rating 4/5


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