Michelle Diana Lowe – The Glass Heart Girl Review


Length:  215 Pages

This is a fantastic novel, and I say this as a reader who’s genre is Horror, Sci-Fi, Dark Fiction and Fantasy.  This is not the genre I look to read but I certainly am glad I read this book.  Michelle Diana Lowe writes a truly touching and an emotional story of Alena who is on the journey of recovery from a trauma five years in the past.  She meets an exceptional young man at the university who loves her so much it hurts him to see her struggles.  In the course of her moving forward their relationship has its struggles and trials.  The characters are easy to love and the relationships they form are fun to watch develop over the years they attend the university.  Alena, the main character, is so well written that her feelings, emotions and reactions are truly genuine to anyone in her situation.

The feelings Alena, Phillip and her bestie Becca have between them are very relatable to anyone who has shared their best friend with a significant other.  The journey Alena takes is not only hers but her boyfriends.  They both struggle, grow and learn how to become closer while Alena is healing.  As I said I don’t read romance books but this one is so fantastically written I found myself attached to the characters and their lives.  The story telling was superb and I found that the characters arc was all I was concerned with, and the romance component no longer deterred me.  I really connected to the story and felt for Alena’s relationship and determination to live, love and enjoy the life she should be living.  Anyone who finds romance their thing should add this book to their to read list or get it now and enjoy the journey.  I highly recommend this book, it’s so well written, and I can’t say enough about it.

Rating 5/5


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