BP Gregory – The Town Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

In The Town, our protagonist, Kate is reviewing a square of land that has been destroyed by a fire. She’s a bit of a lush, had a few too many, and thinks a sees the remains of a town on the site. Her routine survey is now anything but. She starts to wonder where did the people go, are they alive, was there a town at all, is she imagining it, is she going crazy, or the most simple answer, she drank too much. The distress Kate feels and her need to find answers is strong regardless of her bosses directions. A trip to this mysterious burned down forest is the only way to get answers for Kate and her assistant. Kate and Lin find a man who claims the town is real. He tells them the town is alive, a place we all think is better than where are now (the whole grass is greener deal). The town plays tricks on people’s minds and lulls them with promises of a bright future (this is where I felt dropped into an episode of the Twilight Zone). Is it possible to chase a town that may or may not exist? Heck if I know, but this is where things get weird and where BP Gregory excels. I really liked the setup and plot of The Town. There is a sense of strangeness and mystery that comes alive in the writing. I’m never quite sure when, where and how BP Gregory slides the curtain of reality aside and plops you straight down in her world. Oh, I’ve been here several times in her books and should be able to see the clues. I always notice a hot minute too late and again I didn’t see the shift until I was well into The Town.

Book Info

Length: 194 Pages

Release date: March 15, 2017

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Kate knows what she saw on the satellite footage: the burnt out remains of a town. But she was drunk, the evidence is gone and nobody believes it was ever there.

Determined to prove it at any cost, in poking around the outback Kate risks exposing herself and her friends to a slew of horrible urban legends, sinister locals, and the mystery of too many people who have vanished over the years with nowhere to go.

BP Gregory, biography

Monsters, machines and roaming cities, insanity, betrayal and lust! Author and avid reader, BP Gregory was always an oddment to justify the most terrible things. With such tales you shouldn’t always feel comfortable or safe.

Coming from a sober, orderly corporate background she’s been a student of archaeology and a dilettante of psychology, biology and prepping culture. However, it was her love of frogmarching hapless characters through hell that drew her to science fiction, horror, and urban fantasy: all engines for peeling back layers to discover what, if anything, lurks within. Do we each treasure some inviolate core of self, kept safe from our actions and choices? Would it matter if nobody saw it?

BP Gregory is the author of four novels including the newly released outback horror/mystery novel The Town, about an ominous burnt-out town and the desperate souls who vanish seeking it. A stroll down life’s eerie back alleys with a few fistfuls of short stories, and a horror novelette which was a messy love letter to her adolescence in the city round out the picture. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and is currently working on Flora & Jim, the glacial post-apocalypse she’s always wanted to write.

For sneak peeks, more stories, reviews, and recommendations on some great books as she ploughs enthusiastically through her to-read list visit bpgregory.com.


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