Teresa Hawk – The Zen of Horror Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

I’ve read Teresa Hawk’s books and love the humor I find in her horror stories. I had no idea what The Zen of Horror was about before I opened it up. Was I going to find a healthy dose of humor mixed with horror as I had before? The Zen of Horror isn’t your typical book, it is filled with thoughts, nuggets and excellent phrases that would fit nicely in a horror story or as a stand alone idea. The concept of so many bits of related horror expressions brought together is entertaining. This is the kind of book you can flip to a random page and get your daily inspiration of horror.

The Zen of Horror is filled with thoughts that are deep and cause you to pause, take a step back and say, oh crap. It is filled with concepts to think about, absorb and hold on to when you are in need of a reminder of why you love the genre. Anyone who loves horror and has been a fan of the genre will find what lies inside the pages fun to revisit. The Zen of Horror also contains some excellent quotes from classic horror movie and books, this was a great little surprise and a fun reminder from where they originated.

This book could be enjoyed like a page a day calendar with a fun little doses of horror for each day. We get reminders of what it is that defines horror and how we envision it to be or how others see it. The reader is given questions to make us think about what we fear and why. Thanks for the journey through your horror landscape, Teresa!

Book Info

Length: 378 Pages

Release date: September 15, 2014

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The Zen of Horror fuses your favorite horror villains, monsters and themes with the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, giving rise to a whole new beast. One nihilistic and challenging koan awaits on each page of this dreadful collection. Inspire your creativity. Tap into your dark and twisted potential. Discover the simple beauty of silencing your wretched mind. Delightfully creepy, The Zen of Horror offers a surreal perspective unlike any other.


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