Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: 10 Supernatural Bedtime Stories Vol II – Review

Review copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

Cruise Ship is the first story to kick off this collection and it’s what I would call a ‘campfire’ story.  A good little short that gets you before you know what happened.  A couple take a haunted tour of a ship and are told a tale that they soon discover is more real than expected.  Grandfather’s Coat is a great little short that caught me off guard and the twist was completely satisfying, wow I didn’t see that coming.  A story about a women who is over the top protective of her Grandfather’s coat and her boyfriend makes the mistake of wearing it one day.  The story is very clever and well written.  Deep in the Dragonwell Forest is a fantasy story with Robyn and Aerin who set out to save a child from a Mage.  Darkness and power have lured children deep into the forest and the forest isn’t always a safe place, but the two women have plans for a happy ending… will it end happy here? Only one way to find out.  The world created in Dragonwell is well done and a fun read for a fantasy genre fan.  Rebellion is a great story of the afterlife and how not everyone or everything is against us.  Even in the darkest corners of life and the darkest moments someone is watching, and sometimes that is a good thing.  This is a great story and one of my favorites, it is so well constructed and the story so packed with emotion that is tangible.  The Patient in Room 622 tells the story of a man who loses his wife and child to a car accident and he longs to be with them again.  And in a world that has fallen apart he may be lucky enough to join them.  This is a wild story, very imaginative and well told.  Within is a great story and a favorite of mine in this collection, Missa and Quinn are out for a tour of a haunted prison.  Needless to say haunted is exactly what this is, the author tells a twisted tale of a death row prisoner and how he ends up here.  What a great read with great tension and twists.  The Devil Within tells the story of how the devil came to be and how even he can go to heaven with just the right maneuvers.  This is a story told as a fairy tale and a great story it is.  It is the prequel to a longer piece of work and one that will have to be read to see how that story concludes.  Rocky has a great way with words and having read a great deal of his work I know his story The Devil You Know will be a great tale too.  All in all this is a very good collection of shorts waiting to be discovered.

Rating 4/5


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