M.L. Banner – CICADA Review

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After the long and trying journey we followed in Desolation Max, Bill and his two daughters finally arrive at the complex called CICADA.  They are being perused by some of the scavengers that are living just outside this oasis and Max is able to get them behind the walls of safety just in time.  The secret operation known as CICADA is real and Bill hopes that he and his family can relax a bit while they work towards fixing the planets power problems caused by the solar storms.

Meanwhile Mel and Carr Reid have been separated in the complex they believe to be CICADA but they soon discover it’s Bios-2, the secret twin to CICADA.  They along with a large number of scientist have been making some interesting inventions, and it’s all been to keep the unknown out and the residence of Bios-2 safe.  The crooked senator in charge has plans to take over CICADA and put an end to any obstacles leaving him solely the man in power.  There are plenty of mysteries within the pages of CICADA and as Max tries to catch up with what his facility has been doing for the past year he finds all is not paradise behind the city walls.

M.L. Banner really turned the story on its side with the addition of the Bios-2 and the secret plans they have.  The group of crazy religious followers of the ‘Teacher’ have arrived to cause further death and destruction.  They believe they are destined to have the city for themselves and with a large group of savages living just outside the walls of CICADA, Max and his group have plenty to deal with.  There is plenty of action and tense scenes along with the mystery of Bios-2.  CICADA is a real page turner and I was amazed how fast I devoured this book.  I am again left wanting more and love the cliff hanger that M.L leaves us with as the story concludes.  I love the characters and hated to say goodbye to them, I hope I can return to this wonderful apocalyptic world soon!

Rating 4/5

Book Info

Length:  278 Pages

Publisher:  Toes in the Water Publishing

Release date:  August 31, 2015

A giant solar storm turned off our lights and destroyed much of our technology, bringing us back to the proverbial Stone Age.  Max had been prepping for this event, literally his whole life, using his considerable financial resources to construct the ultimate sanctuary in Colorado, known as Cicada. Surrounded by a massive wall, two miles around, their scientists work together to find out why the solar storms still continue a year after the event.  Outside a prophet approaches, followed by hundreds of red-robed soldiers, seeking god-like abilities and their Promised Land, Cicada.  On a nearby mesa, Senator Westerling runs a Cicada replica. Driven by a different purpose, he shelters a secret that threatens all of humanity.  As hope evaporates and evil seeks a way in, all will be affected by Cicada.

M.L. Banner, biography

ML Banner writes what he loves to read: apocalyptic science fiction that puts regular people into extra ordinary circumstances, where their decisions may determine not only their own fate, but the fate of the world they live in.

The Stone Age Series (#1 in Post-Apocalyptic & Dystopian fiction) is that kind of story: It’s fast-moving, it has some regular and amazing characters who have to make life changing decisions, all while the world is experiencing an apocalyptic event unlike anything imagined.


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