Bryan Cassiday – Comes a Chopper Review


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Length:  256 Pages

Comes a Chopper was my first experience with Bryan Cassiday.  He put together a great collection of stories, the first is Condemned. A story of a man looking for his brother in a strange and quiet town. This is followed by Lizard man, this is a fun straight forward horror story of a man with strange dreams. In his story Identity crisis a family deals with a family member who is kidnapped, the ending that comes out of left field leaves you stunned. The stories told here get better and better, in Fine print a man is told an unbelievable tale. This is classic horror story telling at it’s best, reminiscent of the Twilight Zone. There are so many good stories in this collection. They are fun, quick and witty. Crisis is another great twist on an apocalyptic tale of a man who fears he will be buried alive. Cellular is an excellent story with a hint of truth in the subtext about a man’s cell phone telling him what to do. The final tale is Boxed, a great story about a group trying to escape the end of the world as zombies close in on them. These are just a few of the stories in Comes a Chopper, some that really stood out. It’s a great read for horror fans.

Rating 4/5


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