CF Barnes – Shadowkill Review


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Length:  67 Pages

Firstly I must say I read this book after reading Hollow Space.  I would say that it should be read BEFORE hand to avoid knowing too much and spoiling some of the story.  That being said Shadowkill is fantastic.  The world of Hollow Space is firmly laid out and the story of Kina’s and Ti’s relationship and history are very interesting and complicated. Kina wants to be an assassin and feel at home on Haven, even though she was born there. Life on Haven is rough at best and the only way to feel safe is to be on the top end of a deal. Deals are what serve as power and staying clear from being in debt is a complicated process. I always love the writing of C.F. Barnes or Colin F. Barnes depending on the books he writes. Descriptions, action and a great sense of adventure are woven with an excellent combination of technology. He knows his stuff in the science fiction world and never disappoints.

Rating 5/5


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