John F.D. Taff – Little Deaths Review


Length:  218 Pages

I can’t tell you how I discovered John fd Taff, but sure am glad I did.

This was the first book of his I read because I love short stories and can can usually get a good feel for an author from what he does with his short stories. There are 19 stories filling this book and there is something for everyone. With the first story ‘Bolts’ to the last ‘Box of Rocks’ you will be entertained with a bit of horror, sci-fi and the paranormal.

A few of my favorites include The Mellified Man which made me want to stay away from the candy isle for the foreseeable future, and Box of Rocks left that feeling in my stomach that was a mix of a bunch in the gut and true horror at what I had just digested. Calendar Girl has a great twilight zone feel (did that really happen) that left me wanting more. The Closed eye of a Dead World was a truly great classic scary story of a man who wonders why a window is covered and discovers he should have just let it be.
Snapback is a great sci-fi story told in a fashion very different from most if not all stories I have read and was great, I read it twice. The men in Black, Darkness upon the Void and Here were also some of my favorites.

Here was the last story I read and made me immediately give my dog a pet and think how glad I am to have him. If you haven’t read anything by John fd Taff I highly recommend this book, it shows what a great talent he is and where he can take a story.

Rating 5/5


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