Lauren Algeo – Hikers Part One: Power Review


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Length:  400 Pages

Book description:

It starts slowly. Merely a faint scratch in a deep part of your mind. A whispered word, little more than a sigh. But it gets louder, until the voice inside is all you can hear; manipulating, seducing, consuming. Then it’s time.

Three years ago Scott Brewer had everything: a beautiful wife, a successful career as a Detective Inspector, a nice house. Then two pivotal events changed his life forever. First, he lost his wife Karen to a brain tumour, then he lost his mind to a hiker. A member of a family of supernatural assassins he now spends his day’s hunting and trying unsuccessfully to kill.

A mass shooting at Waterloo station brings Brewer back to London, and to the hiker who nearly killed him. He manages to save a young girl from suicide at the will of his mind-controlling enemy and reluctantly allows her to join him on his mission. Georgie Duncan is a moody teenager with a turbulent past, sharp tongue and her fair share of tragedy. They form an unlikely friendship and must learn to work together to find a method of killing the seemingly invincible hikers.

Their journey takes them across the country, and perilously close to danger, as they move ever nearer to their final battle – defeating the most powerful hiker of all, the Grand.

Book review:

This was a great little story, not the typical horror story. It has two characters Brewer and Georgie who become romantic while trying to find the person or people responsible for seemingly random murders. The people behind the murders have the ability to mentally take over a person and have them kill others. I’m glad the second book is out now and can’t wait to see what twists and turns are in store for Brewer.



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